Professor Jeffrey Robinson


In most of his teaching and writing Jeffrey Robinson attempts to rethink the fundamental principles of the poetics of Romanticism. Among his nineteen books are Radical Literary Education: A Classroom Experiment with Wordsworth’s Ode (1987), The Walk: Notes on a Romantic Image(1989, rep. in pbk in 2006), Romantic Presences: Living Images from the Age of Wordsworth and Shelley (1995), Reception and Poetics in Keats: My Ended Poet (1998), Wordsworth Day by Day: Reading His Work into Poetry Now (2005),  Unfettering Poetry: The Fancy in British Romanticism (2006), co-edited with Jerome Rothenberg Poems for the Millennium, Volume Three: The University of California Book of Romantic and Postromantic Poetry (2009–winner of Before Columbus Foundation Award, 2010), and with poet Julie Carr co-edited Active Romanticism: The Radical Impulse in Nineteenth-Century and Contemporary Poetic Practice (2015). He has also published four books and chapbooks of his own poetry based on Romantic materials, most recently being Untam’d Wing: Riffs on Romantic Poetry (2010).  Having taught at the University of Colorado, Boulder for most of his career, he now teaches at the University of Glasgow.

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